Spray Systems

Sonicair System

Spray Nozzles (Air Assisted)- Sonicair

Specifically designed to be used with IVEK dispensers to deliver a precise volume of fluid to the nozzle, injecting it into air stream creating an atomized field that exits the nozzle through a machined orifice whose measurement is determined by the process specifications or through applications testing. These nozzles can atomize aqueous and viscous solutions as well as suspensions with particle sizes from 5 to 50 microns. The Sonicair nozzle has successfully atomized silicones ranging to 100,000cps in volumes below 1mg.

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Digisonic Atmozier

Ultrasonic Atomization / Digisonic III

Piezoelectric electric crystals produce an effective and efficient atomization of fluid for low volume dispenses. The equipment is designed to be integrated with IVEK precision dispensers to provide a quantitative and accurate atomization of liquid without the use of air. The equipment uses vibration frequencies of 40 kHz and includes an electronic controller coupled with required tranducer and titanium atomizing horns.

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