Single Channel Liquid Dispensing Systems

IVEK’s single channel systems are not only ideal for product development as a benchtop station but can be used at any stage of your process needs. The single channel systems are easily used in a manual, semi-automated or fully integrated manufacturing process. These controllers have both a front panel touchscreen and a full back-panel offering I/O, PLC and PC interfacing connections. They are user friendly and versatile for any application.

View our single channel liquid dispensing products below.

Programmable Dispensing System

Programmable Dispensing System

Digispense® 4000 Programmable Liquid Dispensing System

IVEK’s latest, high-performance, production oriented, single-channel dispensing system combining both Rotary and Linear functionality into one package. The DigiSpense® 4000 enables precise and repeatable fluid dispensing volumes at rates of 2nl per second to 300 mL per second.

Dynamic microstepping technology significantly improves pump performance at low dispense rates.

Production modes, including Dispense, Meter and Feeder, offer unique dispensing profiles for a wide range of applications. Fluidic Setup modes, including Prime, Agitate and Bubble Clear, prepare the fluid path for reliable, repeatable dispensing and reduced maintenance. Improved integration to PLC control systems, facilitated by Ethernet fieldbus communication options and web browser services, reduces development time and cost.

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Digispense 3020

Digispense® 3009

Single Channel Rotary dispensing using either single or dual-ended pump module. Dispensing ranges from sub-microliters to milliliters 0-1500 rpm stepper motors. Bench top to full automation.

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Controller 3020

Digispense® 3020

Digitally controlled Single Channel Linear dispensing. This system uses a microprocessor-based controller to drive a linear actuator. When combined with a precision manufactured ceramic piston/cylinder, excellent accuracy and repeatability can be maintained. Discrete dosing from sub-microliters to 2.0 milliliters. Volume selection includes 10,000 to 1 resolution.

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Electrospense® combines the proven performance of IVEK’s AP pump head and precision machined, ceramic pumps, with a Microspense® Integrated Controller packaged inside the motor.

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