IVEK Liquid Metering & Dispensing Fundamental Components:

Pump Modules

The IVEK pump module incorporates a ceramic piston/valve/cylinder set with housing. The housing for IVEK’s piston/valve/cylinder sets are typically comprised of 316 Stainless Steel and Tefzel. Custom materials can be used and are available upon request. The piston/valve/cylinder set is sealed by the fit of the piston into the cylinder. IVEK pump modules are positive displacement mechanisms that do not contain external valves and can run for hundreds of millions of cycles without measurable wear.

There are three types of pump modules: Rotary, Linear and Multiplex which are used for different applications depending upon the customer’s fluidic needs. These pump modules function differently however, they share the same basic features that result in a low maintenance pump module:

  • Mated, serialized piston/valve/cylinder sets
  • Tight clearance – 2.3-5.3 microns
  • Minimal Friction
  • Low fluid shear
  • Withstand routine autoclaving and sterilization procedures
  • Chemically inert – most acids, alkalines or solvents do not affect the ceramics
  • Extremely hard – resist abrasion and wear
  • No external seals needed due to tight clearance of piston/cylinder
  • Titanium end cap press fit onto piston - eliminates adhesive contamination problems
  • Low maintenance
  • Flushing gland available to help eliminate binding issues with certain fluids