Multispense® 2000 Liquid Dispensing Systems

Multispense 2000 Liquid Dispensing System
Multispense Controller
Linear Actuators

Multispense 2000 Data Sheet

The Multispense® 2000 series uses a multi-channel controller that drives a patented linear actuator module connected to a ceramic pump module providing linear flow control. The controller is designed with Eurocard (modular) circuit boards. All dispensing and metering parameters are set through a computer interface (RS232) or Touchscreen. A computer or the Touchscreen gives the user control over all standard fluid metering operations. Optional individual channel control permits the user to operate only the channels designated. A microstep version of the RS-232 Multispense® 2000 Controller Module provides 5X resolution in the steps per stroke.

Typical Applications

  • Contact lenses
  • Transdermal patch manufacturing
  • Pastes and abrasives
  • Vial and syringe fills
  • Diagnostic kit manufacturing
  • Shampoos and personal hygiene products
  • Flavors, essences, fragrances and colorants
  • Reagent filling
  • Resins and lipids
  • Epoxies, cyanoacrylates, UV curable and other adhesives