MethaSpense® Controlled Substance Dispensing System

MethaSpense Circulation Metering System

MethaSpense Data Sheet

The MethaSpense® Controlled Substance Dispensing System has been specifically designed for use in drug addiction management clinics. IVEK has been manufacturing precision positive displacement dispensing systems for these programs for over 30 years. The system is noted for reliability, low maintenance and high precision fluid handling. It is easy to operate but does not compromise accuracy. The system features our positive displacement ceramic pump modules proven to provide millions of wear-free cycles and years of performance. The MethaSpense® has a two-position bottle cradle to allow refilling the system without the loss of prime to the pump or transferring liquid from one bottle to another. This design minimizes fluid loss and enhances record keeping while providing a more sanitary diversion of fluid.

The MethaSpense® system includes an exclusive Liquid Eye bubble detector. An alarm alerts the operator of any air gaps in the fluid line that may compromise precision before a dose is dispensed. Also included are an adjustable cup holder and key-required access to the supply bottle. The MethaSpense® system is housed in a stainless steel case and can be easily moved and secured during non-operating hours. The system can accept a variety of bottle sizes and is easily integrated with patient management computer programs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Controller and pump in one stainless steel case
  • High-speed brushless DC motor and controller
  • Whisper-quiet motor
  • Featuring Positive Displacement Ceramic Pumps
  • Easy integration to RS232 serial interface
  • Precision volumetric flask for accuracy checks
  • Factory calibrated motor/base pump module
  • Patented ‘zero-transfer’ bottle holder
  • Exclusive ‘liquid eye’ bubble detection
  • Accepts a variety of bottle sizes
  • Key lock security
  • CE certified